Abundant wildlife and close-up with nature

Wildlife and nature gallery

Trees:  In addition to the trees we’ve planted, there are different Cedars, Bolsa, Mayas, Ceiba (Kapok), Jacaranda and many other trees and bushes in the reserve.

Fruit Trees: The reserve and the lot areas contain numerous fruit trees, including Guava, Banana, Mango, Cacao, Mamonchino, Nances, Coconut, Avocado, Papaya, Pina, Limons, Starfruit, Maranon

Animals: We’ve had the pleasure of seeing, or hearing reports from the caretaker of having seen all of the following: Whiteface Monkey, Squirrel Monkey, Howler Monkey (heard not seen), Sloth, Pisote, Anteater, Peccary, Tolo Mucco, Martilla, 9 Banded Armadillo, Guatusas, Tepuesuintle, Skunk, and Squirrel

Birds: Parrots and Toucans are plentiful and we are still assembling the list of other birds.

We encourage you to help by building green and doing everything possible to preserve the land we have and to minimize your impact on the land when you build a house.