Shopping and Supplies

Dominical - A few basic shops that are more tourist-focused – hardware store, small supermarket, shirts, gifts. etc. Banco Costa Rica (BCR) has a branch just opposite the town entrance.

Uvita - Rapidly becomming the commercial hub of the area and just 15 mins up the road from the Reserve. There is a good collection of shops and services easily accessible from the main road [photo]:

  • Supermarket
  • Hardware store
  • Banco Nacional
  • Business services (fax, copy, scan etc)
  • Doctor (opposite side of road, no knowledge of quality)
  • “Solid” car rental
  • Information center
  • Pharmacy
  • Pool service
  • Dome cafe
  • Gas station
  • Car/tyre repair


  • Supermercado - in the village itself, an excellent supermarket with a good range of local and imported products, fresh and packaged food, general supplies, and a suprisingly good beer/wine offering.
  • Gas station – On the main road just beyond town (south of the entrance)