2,500 new hardwoods

Forestry engineer Ignacio delivers hardwood seedlingsWe have planted 2,500 hardwood trees along the borders as part of a general plan of reforestation. On the upper areas and on the boundaries we selected species specifically to build new monkey corridors for the white face and howler monkeys which traverse the forest.  We’ve planted native hardwoods including Cocobola, Amarillion, Espavel, African Cedar, Sota, Roble de Sabana, Cedro Maria, Cortesas, Loros and Guapinol for the forest and palms and grasses for erosion control. We planted 1 hectare with teak and amarillion to learn what’s involved in small-scale commercial reforestation projects. 

Anti-erosion grass farm 

Grass farm. Click to enlargeWe planted our own "grass farm" to supply strong, earth-binding grass wherever we've had a risk of erosion from water run off, which has served us well through multiple rainy seasons.